We not only assume optimal planning, project planning, installation and commissioning of your pumps and installations, but also ensure that the operation of the equipment is trouble-free and consequently a long service life is ensured thanks to expert maintenance and repairs.

If a repair on site is not possible, we also pick up the seaworthy pumps, repair them in our factory, with subsequent test run on our in-house test bench, and on request with the creation of a test record and characteristic curve. The removal and installation of the pumps can also be carried out by our qualified staff.

Our services, including for third-party products, ensure trouble-free operation of your pumps and installations, extend their service life and provide the fastest corrective action.

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  • System planning: ensures smooth functioning between pumps/systems and the other connected system parts.
  • Assembly/commissioning: We support you during installation and commissioning of our pumps and systems
  • Spare parts service: In-stock original OSNA spare parts are delivered within 24 hours.
  • Full service: We take care of everything from dismantling and repair to proof of performance and all the way to assembly at your site.
  • On-call service: All OSNA services can also be used once.
  • Corrective maintenance/repair/general overhaul: Ensures full functionality for the next few years.
  • Early fault detection: Avoidance of upcoming failures thanks to state analysis
  • Preventive/state-oriented maintenance: Corrective maintenance/repair before a failure occurs.
  • Maintenance/inspection service: Scheduled maintenance intervals assure smooth operation of pumps and systems.
  • Decommissioning/commissioning/storage: So that nothing happens to your pumps/systems in winter.