Pumps and water treatment for industrial, agricultural and domestic use

OSNA’s portfolio includes piston pumps, underwater pumps, high-pressure centrifugal pumps, submersible pumps, water treatment systems as well as disinfection plants. OSNA technology has been keeping liquids in motion around the globe for over 130 years and guarantees top quality industrial and drinking water. Our pumps and systems are designed for manufacturers, municipal utilities, agriculture and real estate developers.

In the field of pumps and water treatment OSNA’s competent experts not only master standard challenges professionally and precisely, they also find powerful solutions for demanding applications in extreme environments, drawing on mature in-house serial products, individually developed one-off solutions and selected premium pumps from other reputable manufacturers.

We offer services ranging from the planning and design of pumps and water treatment plants as well as installation and commissioning to training, maintenance and repair. OSNA customers also benefit long-term from an excellent supply of spare parts, accessories and consumables.


OSNA – pump expertise since 1890

OSNA pumps are the product of extensive know-how and a technical expertise that has been growing since 1890. Although the name OSNA stood exclusively for durable and robust reciprocating pumps in the field of domestic water supply for a long time, we have since established ourselves as a quality- and solution-oriented supplier for all relevant types of pumps.

We design, build, supply and install a wide variety of pump systems around the world, equipped with state-of-the-art control technology with a focus on efficiency for all conceivable applications. OSNA pumps are just as at home in chemical and food processing plants as they are in mines, farming, domestic water supply and municipal facilities.

OSNA’s product range includes simple piston pumps, vertical variable displacement pumps, centrifugal and high-pressure centrifugal pumps, submersible, submerged and waste water pumps as well as pressure boosting systems. If necessary, we can design pump solutions with individual specifications and material properties tailored to suit your application. Feel free to contact us!

Water purification and treatment: nothing but pure water

Individually proportioned water treatment plants from OSNA ensure a reliable supply of perfect drinking and process water for homes, industrial and agricultural businesses and entire communities.

In many places, spring water taken fresh from the ground cannot be used right out of the ground. The most common reason for this are excessive levels of iron, manganese, lime or ammonium, but sometimes contamination with organic substances or a pH value that is too low also plays a role. Some of the substances contained in the water lead to deposits in pipelines and can attack components of equipment such as washing machines, while others must not exceed a certain concentration for health reasons. OSNA water treatment systems help in both cases, protecting the user and their equipment with sophisticated filtration and additive technology.

Are you familiar with your water parameters and looking for a solution? We would be pleased to assist you in finding the right system to meet your needs. Feel free to contact us!