Future based on tradition

For more than 125 years the name of OSNA has been a guarantee of efficiency and good quality. Our product range covers the worldwide distribution of pumps and systems as well as their respective services from planning, projecting, installing, operating and repairing up to training.

Ask about piston pumps, submersible pumps, high pressure centrifugal pumps or water purification systems, our extensive sales programme offers pumps plus equipment for all ranges of application – supplemented and completed by the products of other renowned manufacturers.

From standard appliances to features well-suited to customers’ individual requirements, we supply you with complete and complex systems for a wide variety of applications.

As a competent partner, we provide our customers with pumps, spare parts, accessories and consumer goods without delay and ex store.


Our company was founded in 1890 and firstly built a reputation by manufacturing of piston pumps – to this day, people still think about this product when thinking about the name OSNA. We offer a regular range of pump systems for most ranges of application, such as piston pumps, centrifugal pumps, submersible pumps and pressure boosting systems as well as the required accessories. Additionally, we also offer customized solutions which we arrange according to our customers’ individual requirements. 

This is where we see our new future prospects, with a specific focus on one of our core goals – energy efficiency. We assist and consult our customers during selection of the optimal pump and work on cutting energy consumption of our pumps by continuously improving hydraulic components, drivers and motors. Optimization of pump systems alone can account for up to 30 % savings on operation cost already.