About us

Future Is Our Tradition

When Mr. Johann Hartlage got self-employed on 1st May 1890, he could not even have guessed about his enterprise becoming a true success story. Until the end of the 1930’s, and bearing the founder’s name, the company grew from a small handicraft business to a machine and pump factory of a considerable size. Named OSNA-Pumpen by now, the enterprise celebrates its 125th anniversary this year.

The family-owned company earned its good reputation by fabricating reliable OSNA piston pumps. Many of these pumps are still in operation today, some of them having been in continuous service for more than 80 years. Whoever comes across the name OSNA will certainly think of piston pumps immediately.

Representing the fourth generation of this entrepreneurial family, Mr. Klaus Wessel takes a contented look back at the history of his company. “Our pumps are highly reliable, some of them have been in service for many decades. That’s how we earn our reputation of making pumps which are nearly indestructible.”

Having gone through some highs and lows during the past decades, the company has always been undergoing a constant process of development. Nowadays, it offers a wide selection of pump systems to suit many types of application. This choice comprises of piston pumps and centrifugal pumps, as well as submersible pumps, pressure boosting systems, equipment for water purification and filtering and the corresponding accessories. Apart from a typical standard product range, OSNA offers many individual solutions which will be tailor-made according to the customers’ requirements.

The strong points are the close contact to the customers and dedicated analysis of their requirements. The company uses their knowledge about their customers’ demands in order to present an individual and custom-made solution. Such solutions sometimes lead to a higher initial investment which will pay off during the total service life. Many long-term relations prove that this attitude works.

Optimization of energy consumption has become a key success factor and will be more and more important in the sector of pumps and corresponding appliances. OSNA is aiming high in this sector and is therefore continuously working on improving hydraulics, drive units, motors and controlling equipment.